The future begins with ZENMU

Security “without protection” by data nullification:

―― Moving into an era where no harm is brought in case of data theft, as information leaks no longer need to be prevented


Security brought by nullifying data
with a new concept without applying
the traditional encryption method


With encryption techniques such as common key encryption, actual data itself is encapsulated, so with advances in encryption breaking technology, there is a possibility that encryption is broken and the data is read. However, using “Secret Splitting” AONT method, data is nullified and split across various locations, making it impossible to be read with only one of the fragments, and ensuring that data cannot be recovered to its original state unless all the fragments are gathered.

Robust security achieved
by storing split data across various locations


Data can be split and stored in various locations such as servers, clouds, USB, smartphones and wearable devices. By installing “ZENMU for PC” on laptops or tablets, splitting and storing data on the HDD of laptops, external storage (smartphone/USB, etc.), and clouds, etc., robust security can be implemented and new work style innovation, such as taking laptops outside of the office, can be achieved.



Trust from stakeholders ensured

ZENMU, which nullifies data, solves various problems related to information leaks. Stakeholders can be given much greater peace of mind through implementation of robust security countermeasures for personal information and confidential matters, measures for dealing with confidential matters, and reduction of risk from human error, etc. Company security policies can even be changed by using ZENMU.


Information safety established without users being conscious of it

We are living in a time when greater attention is given to data protection issues such as acquisition/management of all kinds of customer information and support for big data generated in the IoT area, which is expected to undergo even greater expansion in the future. In terms of information security countermeasures, nullifying the data itself will result in no need for network security to prevent leakage, hacking and tampering.


Released from cost of new security measures

Security countermeasures based on encryption alone are theoretically at risk of being decoded. Also, with security countermeasures based on “protection”, the same processes have been repeated over and again as countermeasures are carried out every time a new problem arises. ZENMU implements “security without the need for protection” by nullifying the data itself.


Secret Splitting technology

In 1979, Dr. Shamir, famous as one of the inventors of the RSA cryptosystem at Weizmann Institute in the United States, devised a system through which it is impossible to obtain any information related to the original data unless over a certain number of split pieces of data are used. This is known as “Secret Splitting”, of which there are several methods including exclusive OR (XOR) and threshold secret splitting, and a further research on Secret Splitting is on-going.


The AONT (All-or-Nothing Transform) method is a data conversion method, which concept was devised by Dr. Rivest at MIT, one of the other inventors of RSA encryption. AONT applies an operation to the original data, obtaining output data of roughly the same size as the original data. Data can easily be recovered to its original state when all of the bits of the output data are brought together, but this will be impossible if even one portion is missing. ZENMU uses the AONT method in an original way by strengthening performance and applying AONT to a file system, etc.